Last Updated 02/17/16
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Single Wides unless stated
Doublewide M/H
$5000 Min.
Lease/Purchase Option
Download Lease/Purchase and Rental Application

Application fee must be turned in with application.

Transfers within Lake McQueeney Estates is permitted upon approval. There is a $250 NON refundable transfer fee this must be at the time the tenant wants to hold a home. Without the Transfer fee being paid the home is open to all. All transfers must be Rental to Lease/Purchase or L/P to L/P, we no longer offer Rental to Rental Transfers.
Application & Move-in Process

After viewing one of our homes and deciding this is the right place for you to live. You will need to come to our office and get an application or a download link is provided below. Application fees must be turned in at the time the application is processed. All application fees are non-refundable, these fees pay for National Tenant Networks service to process the application.

There is a $35 fee for a single person.

married, roommates, and common law person(s) there is a $25 fee for each additional adult living in the household.

Application approval is based on rental, credit, criminal, and employment history. This process may take up to a week for approval. On occasion co-signers may be used, but must go through the same process as if they were the applicant.

Upon approval a security deposit must be made within 2 days. The home may be held up to 10 days from the date of approval, as long as the tenant has already been approved and security deposit has been made.

Leases are generally a 1 year and then are renewed on a month to month basis unless the tenant would like to lock in another 1 year lease. We do offer a six month lease for an additional $50.00 per month on the leases monthly payment. Upon signing of Lease, first months rental (or pro-rated) rent is due. Copy of electric transfer and receipt of water deposit must be shown also.